Principal Investigator

Minkee Choi (최민기, 崔珉箕)

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
E-mail :
Tel : +82-42-350-3938

B.S., Chemistry, KAIST, 2002
M.S., Chemistry, KAIST, 2004
Ph.D., Chemistry, KAIST, 2007
Postdoctoral Fellow, Chemistry, KAIST, 2009
Postdoctoral Fellow, Chemical Engineering, UC Berkeley, 2010

2004. 02 ‘Creative Research Award’ from KAIST (Best research award for M.S.)
2007. 02 ‘Best Thesis Award’ from KAIST (Best research award for Ph.D.)
2011. 04 ‘Top Young Scientists’ from Ministry of Education and Science Technology
2013. 05 ‘Best Research Award of Year’ from Korean Environmental Industry and Technology Institute
2014. 03 ‘The Distinguished Lectureship Award’ in the CSJ Asian International Symposium from the Chemical Society of Japan
2016. 10 ‘The Best Research Award of Year’ in Climate Change Response, from Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning
2016. 12 ‘KAIST Technology Innovation Award’ from KAIST
2017. 03 ‘Lee Hsun Young Scientist Lecture Award’, IMR, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
2017. 04 ‘Early Career Advisory Board’ (ECAB) of ACS Catalysis
2019. 05 ‘Minister’s Award’ in celebration of Invention Day, from Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy
2019. 12 ‘Young Korean Academy of Science and Technology’ (Y-KAST)
2021. 09 ‘Excellence in Review Award’ from I&EC Research
2021. 12 ‘Young Scientist Award’ from President of Republic of Korea
2022. 04 ‘Young Catalysis Researcher Award’ from KIChe
2022. 11 ‘The Nano Research Young Innovators (NR45) Awards in Nanocatalyst’ from Nano Research
2023. 01 ‘Editorial Advisory Board’ (EAB) of ACS Catalysis
2023. 03 ‘Editorial Board’ of Green Carbon


Chaehoon Kim (김채훈, 金彩勳)

Ph.D. KAIST, 2022.02
M.S. KAIST, 2017.02
B.S. KAIST, 2015.02
E-mail :

Ph.D. Students

Younghwan Park (박영환, 朴榮煥)

B.S. KAIST, 2019.02
E-mail :

Seunghyuk Chi (지승혁, 池承奕)

M.S. KAIST, 2022.02
B.S. Hongik univ, 2020.02
E-mail :

Hyungmin Jeon (전형민, 田衡珉)

M.S. KAIST, 2022.08
B.S. Iowa State University, 2019.05
E-mail :

Yaejun Baik (백예준, 白藝俊)

M.S. KAIST, 2023.02
B.S. Ewha Womans University, 2021.02
E-mail :

Jusang Yang (양주상, 梁淍相)

M.S. Korea Univerisity, 2018.02
B.S. Korea University, 2016.02
E-mail :

Kyeong Jin Lee (이경진, 李敬眞)

M.S. DGIST, 2022.08
B.S. DGIST, 2020.02
E-mail :

Yeongmin Kim(김영민, 金英珉)

M.S. KAIST, 2024.02
B.S. Inha University, 2022.02
E-mail :

Jin Seok(석진, 石眞)

M.S. KAIST, 2024.02
B.S. Hanyang University, 2022.02
E-mail :

Susung Lee(이수성, 李壽成)

M.S. KAIST, 2024.02
B.S. KAIST, 2022.02
E-mail :

M.S. Students

Jahyun Kim(김자현, 金子玹)

B.S. Inha University, 2023.02
E-mail :

Seyeon Lim (임세연, 林世娟)

B.S. Chung-Ang University, 2023.08
E-mail :

Hyomin Kim (김효민, 金孝珉)

B.S. Chung-Ang University, 2024.02
E-mail :

Chanyoung Oh (오찬영, 吳燦榮)

B.S. Sungkyunkwan University, 2024.02
E-mail :

Researcher Staff

Hyeyeon Ko (고혜연)

Tel : 042-350-5978
FAX : 042-350-5979
E-mail :


Yejee HaM.S., 2024 SK Innovation
Jongbeom ParkM.S., 2023 SK Innovation
Mingyu JinPh.D., 2022 Hyundai Oilbank
MyungWon OhM.S., 2022 Wonik IPS
Hanchang KwonPh.D., 2021 University of Houston (Post-Doc)
Woosung ChoiPh.D., 2021 Samsung Electronics
Songhyun LeePh.D., 2020 Dow Chemical
Hoin LeeM.S., 2020 Hyundai Oilbank
Kyungho Lee Ph.D., 2019 Korea Institute of Energy Research
Seokin Choi Ph.D., 2019 LG Energy Solution
Hoyong Baek M.S., 2019 3M
Eunhye Han M.S., 2019 Lotte Chemical
Hyeonbin Kim Ph.D., 2018 LG Chemical
Kyungmin Min Ph.D., 2018 LG Chemical
Jisu Park M.S., 2018 LG Chemical
Young-Gu Kim M.S., 2018 Hanwha Total
Myoung Yeob Kim Ph.D., 2017 Hyundai Oilbank
Juhwan Im Ph.D., 2017 SK Innovation
Sunwoo Yook Ph.D., 2017 Samsung Electronics
Youngsun Jun Ph.D., 2017 GS Caltex
You-Na Kim Ph.D., 2016 Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials
Seongho Yun M.S., 2015 Hanwha Solutions
Haeyoun Jang M.S., 2014 Samsung SDI

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